Wine Simple –          The Series         by Aldo Sohm

Wine Simple – The Series by Aldo Sohm

Based on his bestselling book Wine Simple and following on from his successful television and streaming debut, world-champion sommelier Aldo Sohm hosts a new show all about wine.

Each of the 12 episodes of the wine-lovers' masterclass features a different region and provides fascinating insights into the making, tasting and drinking of exquisite wines. The episodes explore exciting stories about wine production and feature inspirational winemakers, food producers and picturesque locations.

From experienced connoisseurs to aspiring wine enthusiasts, there is something for everyone as one of the world's greatest sommeliers sets off on an international mission to make understanding wine simple.


Produced by:
Nikolaus & Nils Klingohr
Aldo Sohm

In Production

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