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MONIKA - Che Guevara’s Avenger

A young German woman living in post-world-war Bolivia among other exiled Germans, Nazis, war refugees and intelligence agents, joins the Guerilla and assassinates Bolivia‘s top diplomat in Germany in revenge for Che Guevaras death. ... » Details

Docu series | Genre: History | Length: 4 x 50 min | Status: in Development

THE MYTHICAL GROSSGLOCKNER Austria's Highest Mountain Through the Ages

The Grossglockner is one of the most striking mountains in the Eastern Alps and is also home to the range's longest glacier, the Pasterze. ... » Details

Genre: Wildlife | Video: UHD HDR | Audio: 5.1| Length: 45/52min | Language: de/en | Status: in production

The Days that Changed Austria III

The third season of "The Days that Changed Austria" once again explores events and issues that fundamentally shaped or altered Austrian society, through the eyes of contemporary witnesses and using archive footage from the time. ... » Details

Genre: Documentary | Video: HD | Audio: Stereo | Length: 4 x 45min | Language: de | Status: in Production

TUSCANY - The art of cultivating nature

Tuscany has been inhabited by humans for more than 3000 years. Almost every part of the central Italian region has been built on, used or shaped by people at some point in its long history. Tuscany is by no means wild – indeed, it is the very definition of a cultivated landscape. ... » Details

Genre: Wildlife | Video: UHD HDR | Audio: 5.1 | Length: 45/52min | Language: de/en/fr | Status: In Preparation