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Kidnapping the Lingerie King

It was the economically most successful fundraising operation of left-wing extremist terror in Europe to date: in November 1977 the highly feared and internationally wanted German Gabriele Kröcher-Tiedemann (aka NADA) from the "June 2nd Movement" kidnapped the filthy rich Viennese underwear manufacturer Walter Palmers together with idealistic students specially recruited for this purpose. This is the incredible story of the radicalization of young people and a bizarre kidnapping, that has gone down in the history books. ... » Details

Limited Mini-Series | Genre: political true crime thriller, coming of age | Length: 4 x 45 min | Status: in Development


A young costume designer fearing Nazi persecution turns to an old sweetheart and friend, who is now a prominent actress in the Third Reich, and asks her if she could hide her to save her life. ... » Details

Feature Film | Genre: Queer Drama, biopic | Length: 90 min | Status: In Development

Enemy of Sports

The GDR professional athlete and ski jumper Claus Tuchscherer uses his participation in the 1976 Olympic Winter Games in Austria to flee from forced doping, oppression and a totalitarian state. ... » Details

Feature Film | Genre: political thriller, coming of age, sports biopic | Length: 90 min | Status: In Development


FILY has turned her back on the digital trappings of the modern age. When she is threatened with eviction from her apartment, she goes on the warpath and leaves chalk drawings and socially critical slogans on surfaces throughout the city. Her protest is aimed at the political establishment - which her mother is part of. One day, somebody approaches her on the street and Fily learns that her very personal act of resistance has been co-opted for a large political campaign on social media. Fily is forced to engage with the digital world and soon learns she is facing a powerful adversary. ... » Details

Feature Film | Status: in Development


Nine year old Alexander grows up in a small house with a small garden with his loving grandmother. She teaches him gunslinger quotes, to conduct opera arias and to feel the air temperature. On his tenth birthday he promises her never to fall in love ... » Details

Feature Film | Video: 2K | Sound: Dolby 5.1 | Length: 100 min | Language: de | Year: 2023