8000 Minutes Audio Description

You are in good hands

Since 2010, Interspot film has been responsible for producing the Audio Descriptions for more than 30 TV movies and cinema releases, as well as various series and television documentaries. Overall, we have produced more than 8000 minutes of Audio Description that comply with the exacting editorial and technical standards of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF.

Interspot Film is Austria's first destination for Audio Description in both fiction and non-fiction moving picture formats.

Our clients welcome the uncomplicated, professional services we offer.
And their customers, people with visual impairments, are grateful for the opportunity to enjoy powerful, entertaining programming at home.

Our clients have included Graf Film, Satel Film, Mona Film, Novotny Film, ORF and many more.
We also work closely with partners to provide a full range of subtitling solutions, making us a one-stop-shop for comprehensive audio-visual accessibility services.

In addition, we are able to help if you have questions regarding potential funding.


Scheriau Audiodeskription