Corridors     of Life – Europe’s Wildlife Wants no Borders

Corridors of Life – Europe’s Wildlife Wants no Borders

Nature is always on the move. For millennia, wild animals have travelled certain corridors: forest inhabitants require contiguous forests, fish need uninterrupted networks of waterways and birds travel from resting place to resting place.

These journeys ensure that genetic diversity is maintained, keeping populations healthy. However, many corridors are now interrupted as a result of human settlements, roads, factories or power plants. "CORRIDORS OF LIFE" begins at the Devín Gate, home to one of the European continent‘s most diverse eco-systems. Ancient migration routes and different flora and fauna zones cross at the point where the Morava and Danube rivers flow into one another and the Carpathian Mountains and the Alps meet the outer edges of the Asian steppes.

It is the starting point for a filmic journey through Europe’s boundless nature – a journey that takes the viewer back in time but also reveals much about the modern world, the challenges facing the continent’s wildlife and the future...

A co-production of Interspot Film, ORF, Doclights, arte and CT, funded by Austrian Television Fund, Kultur Niederösterreich and VAM, distributed by ORF Enterprise.


Written and Directed by:
Franz Hafner
Producers Interspot Film:
Nikolaus [&] Nils Klingohr
Executive Producer Interspot Film:
Martin Demmerer
Executive Producer ORF:
Gernot Lercher
Production Management Interspot Film:
Isabella Lesiak

Production: 2021-2023
Completion: March 2024

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