TUSCANY - The art of cultivating nature

Nature's adaptation to the presence of humans is the central theme of this UNIVERSUM documentary exploring Tuscany's landscape and history as part of a compelling narrative. The film examines the region's various landscapes and species of flora and fauna that are symbolic of the ever-changing environment, and investigates the incredible abilities and skills demonstrate in the face of apparently overwhelming human habitation.

At the heart of the film lies a fundamental question: How did (and do) humans interact with the world that surrounds them?

A co-production of ORF, ZDF/arte, Interspot Film and Albolina Film.


Written and Directed by:
Wolfgang Stickler
Producers Interspot Film:
Ingrid Klingohr,
Nikolaus & Nils Klingohr
Executive Producer Interspot Film:
Martin Demmerer
Commissioning Editor ORF:
Gernot Lercher
Commissioning Editor ZDF/ARTE:
Petra Boden
Production Management:
Christoph Prochazka

Completion: End of 2025

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