"Seitenblicke" is the ORF's daily society format. Together with the special editions, "Seitenblicke" covers the national and select international society highlights.

"Seitenblicke" is the mother of all national society formats. Every day, at prime time, viewers have the opportunity to be a part of the events where the beautiful people and celebrities meet.

Whether it is the opening of the Festspiele, the Boxenstrasse, film shoots, sports celebrations, operetta in Mörbisch, Haute Couture in Paris or the beginning of the summer season in Velden: "Seitenblicke" provides culture, enjoyment, travel, fun and charity, with a touch of good-natured humour.


Executive Producers:
Nils Klingohr and Nikolaus Klingohr
Ines Schwandner
Andreas Merkl
Production Office:
Olivia Bauer
Martina Deimel
Elisabeth Maurer-Hötzl

Your contact person
Merkl CvD