Kidnapping the Lingerie King

Kidnapping the Lingerie King

The dreaded left-wing terrorist Nada is in a dilemma. A fellow fighter and friend is being held in a terror training camp in the Middle East and will be sent to the front unless Nada and her "June 2nd Movement" pay the incurred costs for her "training". In order to raise money quickly, they plan a kidnap. As Germany is feverishly searching for the activists, it is impossible to raise money there and so they decide to move the operations to Vienna.

To make the kidnap a success they have to persuade local Viennese students to help. The boys Thomas and Othmar are burning young idealists, who long for recognition and appreciation. In the book "The 100 richest Austrians", the victim is chosen: WALTER PALMERS, owner and CEO of the international PALMERS lingerie fashion chain.

The hijacking succeeds, but Walter is no ordinary victim. The kidnappers find in the elderly entrepreneur a cunning, emphatic and combative spirit with ideals not unlike their own. Thomas finds in Walter the father figure he never had. And soon it turns out, that the whole operation is way too big for the young and enthusiastic students.

In the police department old hand Rainer Schantl takes over the case. He still has a score open with Nada...which he now wants to settle. And when feelings start to develop between Nada and Thomas, fear and mistrust raise in the confines of the kidnappers' hideout.

It is Nada's decision, whether the action will be a success or whether she will reject Thomas in order to save him. The money handover is organized. Any mistake can be fatal...for everyone involved.

Developed by Interspot Film in collaboration with Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF.


Screenplay by:
Thomas Christian Eichtinger
and Samuel R. Schultschik
Directed by:
Andreas Prochaska
Producers Interspot Film:
Ingrid Klingohr
Nikolaus & Nils Klingohr
Executive Producer Interspot Film:
Stephan Hönigmann
Commissioning Editors ORF:
Katharina Schenk
Klaus Lintschinger
Bernhard Natschläger

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Hönigmann Executive Producer