Production Overview

Stories, bits and pieces from the in-crowd, cultural trends, news from entertainers and top events: the new mag has set itself up as a must slot for the young at prime time.

The dynamic magazine puts young Austrian and international celebs on the spot, showing lifestyle and trends, must-have products and the latest news on music, culture and cinema. The focus is on people who put their mark on the scene – international stars as much as those from Austria – who are at the sharp end of tomorrow's vogues.

szene is a six-minute entertainment format that reports on national and international stars, the latest gigs, the coolest trends and the last word from the scene. Clips zoom in on persons and trends, reflecting the lifestyle feeling of Austria's young generation. Newly shot stories and international agency material are remixed every day to express the outlook of a modern, cultivated and open-minded target group.

The programme has no anchor but is commented by a voice-over speaker who pronounces intelligent, pointed and cheeky observations.


Production: Nikolaus und Nils Klingohr
Executiv Production: Manfred Hoschek

Your Contacts

Nils Cornelius Klingohr
Nils Cornelius Klingohr
Telephone: +43-1-80120-325