Schönis Ramble

Production Overview

Rainer Schönfelder behind the scene

Internationally renowned skier Rainer Schönfelder provides insights into the world of the famous "Streif" ski piste. The former world champion chats to the stars of the skiing world and opens doors that usually remain closed on the weekend of the "Streif" races. He helps to deliver the snow to the Hausberg, reveals the hustle and bustle of the international press and the construction of the Kitz Race Club, where the stars will spend the racing weekend. A particular and extremely exclusive highlight is the visit to Marcel Hirscher's training in Hinterreit. Austria's top slalom skier even reveals details of his future career plans. The ski legend Franz Klammer shows Rainer Schönfelder around the Streif, and of, course, the show visits the most important society events of the weekend.


Director: Thomas Gauss
Photography: Ferdinand Steininger, Christian Stolz, Klaus Achter
Editor: Alexander Dimko, Sebastian Würger, Christoph Emminger
Sound: David Ruhmer
Speaker: Barbara Willensdorfer
Production Management: Vera Stelzmayer
Producer: Nils und Nikolaus Klingohr
Production Management ORF: Stefan Wöber
Executive Producer ORF: Alexander Hofer

Television Premiere: 26. Jänner 2014

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