Universum Austria's Wild Heritage - One Country – Six National Parks

Production Overview

From mighty peaks, formed by powerful natural forces, to one of the last largely intact floodplain landscapes in central Europe; from vast, sun-baked plains that provide refuge for innumerable creatures large and small to the wild animals that have only recently returned to the ravines of the border regions - Austria's national parks were created to protect some of the most diverse, captivating landscapes and fascinating species at the heart of the European continent.

The two-part UNIVERSUM documentary "Austria's Wild Heritage" marks the 50th anniversary of the country's first national park with a visually stunning examination of this ambitious undertaking. Episode one recounts the history of local conservation efforts and explores the six parks now in existence. Episode two takes a tentative look at a challenging future. Do these areas of natural beauty, originally designed to preserve local nature, perhaps hold the secret to combating the effects of climate change?

"Austria's Wild Heritage" is a story of successful wildlife reintroduction efforts, like those of the Alpine ibex and the bearded vulture, and of complex nature restoration projects including those undertaken in the Danube floodplains. It is both a celebration of the many achievements of the last 50 years and a compelling exploration of the issues Austria and the world will face in years to come, told with passion, humour and, above all, optimism.


A Production of Interspot Film in Cooperation with Nationalparks Austria for ORF Universum. Funded by Fernsehfonds Austria, Land Niederösterreich, Filmfonds Wien, Land Oberösterreich, Land Burgenland, Umweltabteilung Land Kärnten, Umweltabteilung Land Steiermark, Carinthia Film Commission, Cine Styria and distributed by ORF Enterprise.


Written and Directed by:
Heinz Leger
Producers Interspot Film:
Ingrid Klingohr
Nils & Nikolaus Klingohr
Executive Producer Interspot Film:
Martin Demmerer
Executive Producer ORF:
Gernot Lercher
Production Management Interspot Film:
Christoph Prochazka
Isabella Lesiak

Completion: 2021
Sep 28 and Oct 05, 8:15pm ORF2

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