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Life from Zero

"Life from Zero" is a tale of one man's love for a volcano, and it plays out on a breathtaking stage set by the largest natural laboratory in the world. This laboratory was created in May 1980, when Mount St. Helen's, in the northwest U.S.A., erupted in one of the worst natural disasters of our times. The eruption transformed a densely forested landscape filled with life and untouched by humans into a barren, deserted wasteland. The national monument on Mount St. Helens remains closed to the public to this day. Only one man knows the true secrets of the area: the award-winning biologist Charlie Chrisafulli. He is the only scientist to have spent the last 27 years on the volcano, a period shaped by both hope and fear.

"Life from Zero" is the first "nature and science" documentary to examine this unique tale of the rebirth of nature, as well as human determination and perseverance, in exclusive cooperation with Charlie Chrisafulli.




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Writer and Director: J. Daniel Hissen, Heinz Leger
Photography: Josef Neuper, Erich Pröll
Editor: Sebastian Würger
Producer: Heinrich Mayer - Moroni
Executive Producer: Rudolf Klingohr
Executive Producer: Walter Köhler

Television Premiere: 18. Mai 2010

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