Hansi Hinterseer - The Untouched Mountains of the Hohe Tauern

Production Overview

The Untouched Mountains of the Hohe Tauern

In his new show, Hansi Hinterseer invites viewers to join him for an entertaining hike through the fascinating mountainous region Hohe Tauern. Austria's highest mountain, the Großglockner, lies at the heart of the national park, and the area is the largest conservation area of the eastern Alps. Hansi uncovers the secrets of the glacier, looks for the Tauern region's gold and investigates one of the world's most diverse ecological regions. In Carinthia and east Tyrol, Hansi meets people who live and work in this natural wonderland. He discovers why the survival of the bearded vulture is due to the existence of the national park, visits Austria's oldest mountain pastures 2000 metres above sea level and meets a farmer with an unusual approach to his job. Allegedly, this picturesque region is also home to an undiscovered treasure...

Hansi's loyal friend and companion, Quincey, is not along for the journey this time. Instead, he is accompanied by an energetic and enthusiastic young female: "Our treasure hunt in the Hohe Tauern takes us a long way into the mountains, and Quincey is getting a bit long in the tooth. In future, he'll be able to enjoy the quiet life, and his daughter, Gina, will accompany me on my travels. I hope you'll all be watching when we investigate the untouched mountainous regions together, and enjoy the highlights of our alpine explorations! Join me once again and get to know the wonderful Gina. Among other things, we'll be going up the Großglockner, Austria's highest mountain. We will meet interesting people who will show us their region and help us on our treasure hunt. Of course, I have invited some musical colleagues to join me and entertain you with their greatest songs. So get ready for a truly exceptional expedition into a fascinating natural wonderland."

Hansi Hinterseer is joined by Andi Borg, Oesch's die Dritten, Sigrid and Marina, the Ursprung Buam, Monique, Gilbert and many more...


Writer: Gabriel Castaneda Senn
Director: Andrea Albrecht
Photographer Unit 1: Josef Neuper
Photographer Unit 2: Oliver Brosenbauer
Editor: Tom Pohanka, Anton Fielhauer
Sound: Franz Moritz
Production management: Heinz Mayer-Moroni
Producer: Nils Klingohr
Executive Producer: Martin Demmerer
Editorial department ARD: Ute Janik
Editorial department ORF: Ursula Stiedl

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