Hansi Hinterseer – Beautiful Bodensee Lake

Production Overview

In his new show, popular music star Hansi Hinterseer visits the region where three countries - Austria, Germany and Switzerland - meet, around the beautiful Bodensee lake. His expedition takes him into one of the most fascinating and diverse areas of Central Europe. He shows the viewers practically untouched natural landscapes, an amazing animal world and meets people who share his passion for the protection and conservation of this unique habitat. The informative nature of the episode is matched by a passion for music, and a number of music stars will visit Hansi at the Bodensee, including Andreas Gabalier, Claudia Jung, the Kastelruther Spatzen, Simone, the Ursprung Buam and many more.


Writing: Gabriel Castaneda
Headwriting: Uli Brée
Director: Andrea Albrecht
Photography Unit 1: Sepp Neuper
Photography Unit 2: Klaus Achter
Editor: Tom Pohanka, Anton Fielhauer
Sound: Franz Moritz
Production management: Heinz Mayer-Moroni
Production management: Martin Demmerer
Executive Producer: Nils Klingohr
Editorial department ARD: Ute Janik
Editorial department ORF: Ursula Stiedl

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