Hansi Hinterseer 2012

Production Overview

For this episode of his music show, Hansi Hinterseer explores the Berchtesgadener Land, with its exceptional beauty and cultural diversity.

"For a change, Gina and I would like to welcome you to Germany", says the singer and presenter from Tyrol. "To be precise, we are in beautiful Berchtesgaden. It is located in the so-called "Deutsche Eck" and lies next to the Austrian province of Salzburg. Indeed, "salz" or "salt" is symbolic for our musical journey, as the "white gold" has always played an important role here. Let's find out why."

Of course, music is the main focus of Hansi Hinterseer's popular TV show, and it combines appearances from guest musicians from Germany, Austria and Switzerland with impressive landscape footage from the alpine region around the Königssee lake.


Writing: Gabriel Castaneda Senn
Director: Claudia Jüptner - Jonstorff
Photography Unit 1: Klaus Achter
Photography Unit 2: Oliver Brosenbauer
Editor: Ingrid Koller, Anton Fielhauer
Sound: Franz Moritz
Production management: Heinz Mayer-Moroni
Executive Producer: Martin Demmerer
Producer: Nils Klingohr
Editorial department ARD: Ute Janik
Editorial department ORF: Florian Illich

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