Barrels, Bottles and Bouquets - Austria's Sparkling Wines

Production Overview

Sparkling drinks have always marked particular events in life: romantic evenings, birthdays, family celebrations or simply the joys of life. A glass of sparkling wine is used to celebrate the special moments, welcome the new year or proclaim the successful completion of a business deal.

Austria is home to exceptional wine regions, winegrowers and internationally renowned wines. The name "Austria" on a label is more than just a statement of origin - it is a mark of quality, and quality Austrian wines are increasingly in demand.

In this film, Austria's sparkling wine producers - internationally well-known and renowned - show that they do not merely produce some of the world's best sparkling wines, they are also able to create incredible explosions of flavour.

The film investigates all the aspects of sparkling wine, from the point of view of both producers and consumers. From the wine regions, the journey takes us through the history and methods of sparkling wine production to the correct way to hold a tasting, and the positioning of sparkling wine in trade and gastronomy.

The viewer is thereby given a detailed introduction to the wonderful world of sparkling wine in Austria.


Composition: Herbert Wager
Editor: Herbert Wager
Photography: Carlo Hofmann, Harald Seymann, Thomas Kirschner
Music: Christof Unterberger
Production Management: Veronika Hraby
Producer: Heinrich Mayer-Moroni, Nils Klingohr
Commissioning Editor ORF: Aimée Klein
Executive Producer ORF: Angelika Doucha-Fasching

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