Die Überflieger

Production Overview

"Mr. Life Ball" Gery Keszler, "Dancing Stars"-juror Nicole Burns-Hansen, "Wild Cooking"-chef Denise Amman and snowboard champion Benjamin Karl face up to their fears, summon up all their courage, and enter a new world: in the 8-part docu-soap "The High Flyers", they attempt to reach new heights and earn their pilot's license.

Their base is the airfield in Stockerau. But will they achieve their dream of flying?

The four contestants have to earn their pilot's wings, and face several hours of theoretical and practical tests. They must collect hours in a single-engine plane, as well as learn all about radio protocols and thermal lift. They have eight weeks to earn their pilot's license. But who will take off to dizzying new heights, and who will be stuck on the ground reading up on signals?

"The High Flyers - Four Celebrities Reach for the Skies" is a production of Interspot

Film, based on an idea by Nils Klingohr and Tom Strobl. Strobl was also responsible for the script and direction, while the head of ORF Programme development Dodo Roscic and researcher Gerhard Weber were responsible for development and production.   


Director: Tom Strobl
Photography: Max Meissl, Klaus Achter, Christian Stolz, Martin Stoni
Sound: Othmar Eichinger, Claus Pitsch
Production management: Nils Klingohr

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