Wettlauf zum Südpol

Production Overview
The 5-part series "Race to the South Pole" documents the race between German and Austrian teams to follow in the steps of Roald Amundsen and Robert Falcon Scott and reach the South Pole.
The two teams arrived in Antarctica in December 2010. The race began: a sleigh carrying luggage and supplies had to be transported 400 kilometres on foot across the ice in minus 30 degree temperatures, with only one goal: to reach the earth's southernmost point before the other team.
The Austrian team was led by the legendary skier Hermann Maier and the popular radio presenter Tom Walek. They were joined by Sabrina Grillitsch and Alex Serdjukov, who had fought their way through two difficult competitions to earn their place on the team.
Our camera team followed the Austrian team during the "Race to the South Pole", and the difficult conditions challenged the crew as well as the participants. Months of preparations and tests were necessary to ensure that the team and the equipment could deal with the cold. The result: on 28. December 2010, after 8 days, 23 hours and 10 minutes, the Austrian team of Hermann Maier, Tom Walek and Sabrina Grillitsch reached the South Pole ahead of the German team.
A five-part documentary of triumph and tears, joy and misery, combined with breathtaking footage of one of the world's most extreme environments.


Director: Heinz Leger
Photography: Franz Hinterbrandner, Max Reichel, Richard Ladkani
Editor: Alexander Dimko, Sebastian Würger
Producer management: Heinrich Mayer-Moroni
Executive Producer: Rudolf Klingohr
Editorial department: Thomas Matzek

Television Premiere: 24.2.2011

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