Universum Lechtal - Lebensraum Berg

Production Overview

The valley and peaks of the Lech river are of a breath-taking beauty untouched and unique in the Alpine region. But for the people living amid this gorgeous scenery, everyday life can be hard and rough. Survival is often a fight against the forces of nature, such as mudflows, floods, torrents and avalanches, that threaten the inhabitants' life and livelihood. This documentary shows how life in the valley marks out the inhabitants and their battle against nature.




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Writer: Maria Magdalena Koller
Director: Hans-Peter Stauber
Photography: H. Mittermüller, J. Neuper, T. Marthis, K.Achter
Editor: Martin Biribauer
Producer: Heinrich Mayer-Moroni
Executive Producer: Rudolf Klingohr
Executive Producer: Werner Fitztum

Television Premiere: 06.11.2003

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