Noble sweets

Production Overview

A history of temptation

Currently, cooking is the IN thing to do, especially since Jamie Oliver & company have taken over our TV screens. But those who entice us with aroma-filled cakes and mouth-watering chocolates still do their good works in the dark. So what would be more natural than highlighting them in a portrait of Austria's pastry lords (and ladies) – a documentary that serves up not just a delicious sweet course but also a choice of cultural bonbons, as is fit for a country that has invented the Mozartkugel.

A film that celebrates temptation and enjoyment, staged in the noble pastry and coffee shops of Austria.



Writer and Director: Maria Magdalena Koller
Photography: Robert Neumüller
Editor: Tanja Lesowsky
Producer: Heinrich Mayer-Moroni
Executive Producer: Rudolf Klingohr

Television Premiere: 31.10.2004

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