I Breathe and Laugh, I Sing and Cry

Production Overview

This is a portrait by Helene Maimann of young people who have developed enormous skills within their disabilities and who make their individual way full of zest and commitment to life. They are fascinating young people and they have combated tough resistance from all side. “I haven't become another person by becoming blind", says 23 year old Sandra Marcovic.

“I breathe and laugh, sing and cry like I did before and I have stayed as I was before. The blonde student, who went blind within just a few days due to a serious case of diabetes, is a conspicuous presence when she walks through Vienna with her stick."

From this documentary emerged a 25 minute version covering the fate of blind 25 year old Marco Blumenreich, entitled “Marco's Wonderful World".






Director: Helene Maimann
Photography: Pertti Pullinen
Cutter: Alex Dimko
Producer: Severin Moritzer
Producer: Heinrich Mayer-Moroni
Executive Producer: Rudolf Klingohr

Television Premiere: 10.12.2003