Hansi Hinterseer 2011

Production Overview

When the popular singer invites friends and colleagues to join him on his show, music and nature are centre stage. Hinterseer started his career as a skier, and is now one of the most successful German-language entertainers. Every year, the "Hansi Hinterseer" show presents international greats from the worlds of music and sport in two 105-minute episodes.  


Writer: Gabriel Castaneda Senn
Director: Andrea Albrecht
Photographer Unit 1: Klaus Achter
Photographer Unit 2: Oliver Brosenbauer
Editor: Tom Pohanka, Anton Fielhauer
Sound: Franz Moritz
Production management: Heinz Mayer-Moroni
Executive Producer: Martin Demmerer
Producer: Nils Klingohr
Editorial department ARD: Ute Janik
Editorial department ORF: Ursula Stiedl

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Martin Demmerer
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