Frisch gekocht mit Elisabeth Engstler

Production Overview

From 2014, Elisabeth Engstler has brought a new approach to Austria's successful cooking show "Frisch Gekocht". The popular ORF presenter, author and hobby cook returns to the show she presented when the format first started. Every month, beginning in January, Engstler welcomes a top chef from one of Austria's nine provinces. Together, they produce two meals per show, one of which is based on a recipe provided by Engstler herself.

The show focuses on practical meals and recipes particularly suited to "working mums", as well as new cooking trends, kitchens and culinary basics. Particular attention is paid to fresh regional and seasonal meals. As a result, a different province is featured in depth every month.

The show's previous presenters, Andi & Alex, now present special shows that are influenced by the relevant province and also celebrate seasonal themes such as barbeques, Easter or Christmas.


Director: Martin Rothmayer, Gebhard Wimmer
Production Management: Andreas Zima
Production: Nikolaus Klingohr
Commissioning Editor: Brigitte Zoubek
Commissioning Editor ORF: Aimée Klein

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Nikolaus Clemens Klingohr
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