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But perhaps it is precisely because of its quirkiness that the Pichlers regularly come to his office and give him a humorous and endearing insight into their - perhaps quite typical Austrian - everyday lives. Katrin Lux, Robert Stadlober and Andreas Vitásek find themselves in the middle of a "family affair" when filming of the new ORF family comedy series of the same name starts on Wednesday, December 9, 2020. The ten 45-minute episodes are based on the hit Israeli format "La Famiglia."
In front of the camera, in addition to Andreas Vitásek as the quirky couples therapist Dr. Nemeth and Katrin Lux and Robert Stadlober as the Pichler couple, are Lucy Gartner, Alice Prosser and Leopold Pallua (as their children), Margarethe Tiesel (as Grandma) and Clemens Berndorff (as a family friend). Episode roles include Alexander Pschill, Michaela Schausberger, Kristina Sprenger, Laura Hermann, Fanny Krausz, Julian Loidl and Gabriela Garcia Vargas. The ten episodes are directed by Esther Rauch. The scripts are by head writer Mischa Zickler as well as Tom Eichtinger, Astrid Kiss and Fridolin Meinl. The series is expected to be shot in Vienna until March 2021. The Pichler family's living quarters were built in the Interspot studio.
Familiensache" is an ORF production, produced by Interspot Film (based on the format "La Famiglia" by Studio Israel, distributed by Armoza Formats).


Written by:
Mischa Zickler
Tom Eichtinger
Astrid Kiss
Fridolin Meinl

Directed by:
Esther Rauch

Producers Interspot Film:
Nikolaus & Nils Klingohr
Executive Producer Interspot Film:
Stephan Hoenigmann

Production Management:
Sophie Heitzeneder, Niko Ventura,
Maria Senn, Dominik Eder, René Gauster

Production Accountant:
Manuela Hein
Gero Lasnig
Richard Bayerl
Klaus Achter
Gregor Manhardt
Production Design:
Daniel Steinbach
Costume Design:
Christine Ludwig

Make-Up Artist:
Susanne Weichesmiller
Tünde Kiss-Benke
Cordula Werner
Jürgen Kritzinger

Katrin Lux
Robert Stadlober
Margarethe Tiesel
Lucy Gartner
Alice Prosser
Leopold Pallua
Andreas Vitasek
et al.

TV-Premiere: 20.09.2021

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