Production Overview

Acclaimed Austrian artist André Heller is reviving a centuries-old tradition of hosting house concerts in his large apartment in a quaint living room in Vienna's inner city. This documentary series presents a wide variety of national and international artists, introducing the musicians and their work and then accompanying them during the rehearsal process and the performance itself.


The series is now in its third season and continues to amaze audiences with its high production values, creativity, virtuosity and state-of-the-art technology. Exceptional audio quality and six modern film cameras ensure that the programme itself is as captivating as the musical performance and the art-filled surroundings. Each episode is an intimate, stand-alone documentary that is part of a greater whole.


The first season featured the renowned opera singers Günther Groissböck and Camilla Nylund, who performed traditional wine tavern songs as well as Richard Strauss chansons and modern pop music. Season two was opened by the celebrated pianist Rudolf Buchbinder, who was followed by the brilliant violinist Patricia Kopatchinskaja and the intercontinental, genre-busting Manchester Collective ensemble featuring Abel Selaocoe. A particular highlight of this season was André Heller's return to the musical stage after 40 years, accompanied by notable artists including Ernst Molden, Robert Rotifer, Ursula Strauss, Voodoo Jürgens and Der Nino aus Wien.


The third season is currently in production.


The documentary series is a co-production of ORF III and Interspot Film, and is funded by the Austrian Television Fund, the Vienna Film Fund and Lower Austria. It provides a fascinating and visceral insight into the art and process of modern-day musicians.    



Written and Directed by:
Robert Neumüller
Original Concept and Screenplay:
André Heller
Producers Interspot Film:
Ingrid Klingohr
Nils Klingohr
Executive Producer Interspot Film:
Martin Demmerer
Production Management Interspot Film:
Clemens Wollein
Commissioning Editor ORF:
Lisa Jeitler
Gesamtleitung ORF:
Peter Schöber
Production: 2020-2022
Completion Season 3: 2022
TV Premiere:

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