Amur - Asia's Amazon

Production Overview
In three episodes, “Amur - Asia‘s Amazon” explores the unspoilt natural world along the river and its tributaries and tells amazing stories of the wildlife and traditional communities that battle to survive in a unique and, to western eyes, largely unknown environment. This is a visual and dramatic journey of discovery along the mighty Amur/Heliongjiang, an expedition into a lost and exotic world.

Part 1: The Far East
Part 2: The Black Dragon
Part 3: The Secret Springs

awardNew York Film Festival 2016: Gold for The Far East and The Secret Springs!                                                                                                      Bronze for The Black Dragon


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Writer and Director: Franz Hafner, Klaus Feichtenberger
Photography: Dietrich Heller, Josef Neuper, Rene Rothkopf, Oliver Indra, Ian Mccarthy
Editors: Roland Buzzi, Alan Miller
Line Producer: Alexander Bundtzen
Music: Roman Kariolou
Production Managemant: Veronika Hraby
Executive Producer: Heinrich Mayer-Moroni
Executive Producer Terra Mater: Sabine Holzer, Andrea Gastgeb

Television Premiere:
Part 1: 10.06.2015, ServusTV
Part 2: 17.06.2015, ServusTV
Part 3: 24.06.2015, ServusTV

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